How to Help and Deter Stray Animals

Don’t forget about our furry friends As the weather gets colder and wetter, nothing says home quite like gathering around the fire or getting cozy with a blanket on the couch. After all, nobody likes to be caught out in the cold or during a hard rain. The same goes for our four-legged friends. Stray dogs and cats can adapt to the weather in short bursts, but a winter out in the cold can be too much for many breeds. That’s where the Humane Society of Southwest Washington (HSSW) comes to the rescue. The HSSW reunites more than 1,000 families and their lost pets on a yearly basis, both by holding strays for up to five days and by

Holiday Events in Clark County WA

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. And Clark County, WA offers several ways to get out and enjoy the holiday season. November Clark County Turkey Trot Where: Klineline Pond and Salmon Creek Park When: Thanksgiving (Nov. 23), 9 a.m. What: A family-friendly event starting and ending at Klineline Park, the Turkey Trot is a 5K run/walk or a 10K run along the Salmon Creek Trail. A $25 fee covers all races with the proceeds (including t-shirt purchases) donated to the Clark County Food Bank. For those who prefer a nice eye-opener, there is also a Polar Plunge – the $5 registration also goes to the food bank. Info: Community Tree Lighting Where: Esther Short Park, Downtown Vancouver When: Nov.

Selling During the Holidays

As the warmer months of Summer give way to the changing leaves of Fall, how a homeowner goes about selling their home changes, too. Along with the usual cold-weather month home-selling tips – lots of light, keep the front entryway clear of dirt and debris, making sure the furnace works as it’s supposed to – there are holidays to contend with as well. A homeseller certainly doesn’t have to be a grinch during the holidays – everyone likes a little tinsel now and again – but going overboard might dampen the good cheer of the season if the house languishes on the market. Here are a few things to keep in mind for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Halloween You

Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Fall

For many, fall in the Pacific Northwest is the best time of year. The sun is still shining, but crisp evenings mean we can dig out those comfortable blankets and start getting cozy. While we may have a few more 90-degree days ahead of us, days are getting shorter, school is starting, and the weather will begin changing soon enough. Here are a few things you can do over the next few months to get ready for fall and, eventually, winter. A few simple chores over the next few weeks can help prevent some big issues in the future. Yard and Garden Tools Get tools ready for fall/winter weather – don’t have your snow shovel or blower piled under

Summer Lawn and Landscape Care

As much as anything else, beautiful landscaping really helps with curb appeal. Deep, green grass framed by bright and fragrant flowers puts potential homebuyers in a good mood and shows that you’ve been a good steward of the property. Wilted shrubs, yellow grass, and dead flowers may lead them to think otherwise. Here are few things you can do to keep the outside of your home looking great during the warm Summer months. The Lawn Sure, flowers diverse in colors and sizes add some pop to your landscaping. But, a full, lush lawn is the real crowd pleaser. In the Pacific Northwest, having a green lawn is no problem nine months out of the year. It’s those other three

Top Mistakes First Time Home Buyers Can Avoid

Buying a home for the first time It’s a big step, both exciting and stressful, and probably the largest single expense most people ever undertake: buying a home. When the decision to buy is made, there are many other decisions to go over. Which neighborhood, how many rooms and bedrooms, and even the style of home are jotted down on the wish list. Looking through online listings, it’s fun to be able to discount a home on paint color alone or absolutely fall in love with a wraparound porch. It can be exhilarating thumbing through house after house after house. There are things to consider, however, when buying a home for the first time. Obviously, how much can you

Outdoor Features To Help Sell a Home

With all the recent rain in the Pacific Northwest, it’s hard to believe Spring is upon us. Rest assured, the sun will return – along with the homebuyers. Homesellers looking to catch a few of those eyes should consider sprucing up the exterior of their homes. Most of these suggestions take little more than a weekend to start and add interest immediately. Lawn care Early spring is the best time to plant a new lawn because even though temperatures start to climb, there is still plenty of rain to keep the new lawn watered. Even though the calendar says May, there are probably still a few rainy days ahead. However, just a few dry days can hurt new lawn

Preparing Your Home For Sale

Tips for Selling your Home in Spring Spring in the pacific Northwest can be a muddy time. Rain has been falling for five months, turning yards muddy and marshy and walkways wet and grimy. Those with outdoor pets – or kids who play outdoor spring sports – know the lament of keep the entryways clean on a consistent basis. If you’re planning on selling your home during this time, that goes for the whole house. But keeping the entire home clean for a few weeks – or even a few months – doesn’t need to fill every waking moment. Keep it Clutter Free Muddy paw prints and dirty cleats aside, the key is to keep your home tidy with

Historic Places in Southwest Washington

Clark County is a great place to live. With so much natural beauty, day trips to the mountains or oceans, and a variety of wide open spaces and urban centers, Clark County has much to offer. And enough history to fill a third-graders school book. The following are just a few examples of century-old landmarks found in Clark County. Cedar Creek Grist Mill On the National Register of Historic Places since 1975, the Mill is open throughout the year. Powered by water, Cedar Creek demonstrates how flour, corn meal, and apple cider were made over 130 years ago. Built in 1876, farmers from around Clark County would bring their grain to the mill – originally called The Red Bird

All About Moving to Vancouver WA

If you are ready to make the move to Vancouver, WA or the greater Clark County, WA area, there are a lot of things to take care of before you arrive. From garbage service, schools for your children and even internet service. Here is a list of contact information for all of that and more. Education Clark County is home to several school districts, all encompassed by Educational Service District 112: Vancouver, Evergreen, Battle Ground, Camas, Washougal, La Center, Woodland, Green Mountain, Hockinson, and Ridgefield. Visit ESD 112 at Here you will find contact information for all individual districts. Public Utilities For starters, visit the Clark County Public Utilities District website ( There is a wealth of information